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Hey, Stranger June 19, 2012

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Oh. Hello there. We may have met before.

Per usual, this blog has slipped between my fingers. But it’s because I have been WAY TOO BUSY in the BEST WAYS POSSIBLE, and so it is okay.

For example, to illustrate the amount of time that has passed: the candles made in the last post have been burned down to half the size. Which is a true feat, because they stink. Lesson learned: just keep buying these

Okay, maybe not the most effective example. For a better sense of what I have been up to:

I began and finished a Beginning ASL class. I loved it, and even signed up for the Intermediate session, which I sadly learned had to be cancelled last-minute. So while ASL will remain a hobby on hold for a while, I hope to find my way back into it. (Side note: is it profiling to ONLY seek out new friends on the basis that they are signers? I mean, should you happen to know anyone. We could schedule a friendship audition or whatever. Call me, maybe.)

I began volunteering with youth and young adults in St Paul. My introduction to this group was a spring dance, officially at a local high school, even, where I laughed, danced, and hugged more people than I think I ever have in a three-hour period. It was, for lack of a better and less cheesy word, a little bit magical. Tomorrow, the kids and I are going to Minnehaha Falls. I am whole heartedly terrified that I will lose someone. I am ridiculously happy that I am a very strong swimmer. And I pray with all my heart that all the puppies in the neighborhood are kept at home, for I have seen puppies to be a very distracting thing.

I have begun running, and am just starting on week four of a 5K training schedule. I have always hated running, which is all fine and great until the conflict that I really want to ENJOY running. You know, like, without putting in all the effort and being able to maintain hobbies like sleeping in, attending happy hours, and rewatching episodes of Law and Order: SVU on rainy days. But I finally bit the bullet, put on my big girl tennis shoes, and made the following deal with myself:

I will train for this 5K for twelve weeks. I will then continue maintenance running until the race of my choice, which is the Monster Dash, mostly because I can wear a costume. And after the race, if I still hate running after a solid 5 month effort, I will never feel guilty about hating running for the rest of my life.

In three weeks time, I am now running 8 minutes in a row instead of two, and I only whisper fuck sporadically instead of chanting it in my head the entire workout. So, baby steps.

Related: Day Zero has almost exactly a year left. Which has renewed a small sense of panic. Of an arbitrary deadline, created by myself, and solely for myself. ANALYZE THAT.

Also, I have kept writing, and most importantly, I have kept writing for others to see, which was always the biggest hurdle in this while ordeal. I did another Open Mic last week, and it again went well. It’s never going to be comfortable, but it’s getting familiar, and I am appreciating that and enjoying the process.

I have become more confident in my choice of leaving my apartment. I have a love/hate relationship with this situation, and, after deciding to move a few months ago, became very nostalgic about the neighborhood I would be leaving. But so many good things await in a new neighborhood; I can feel it. More on the move in the next week or so too, once a location (and hopefully an actual LEASE) is nailed down.

Meanwhile, the high school ladyfriends, who may not talk to regularly but can get together and let loose over wine like no years have passed, are planning a “trip” for mid July. We are meeting in what is roughly “the middle” of us all, which means Wausau. And I need that. A lot. (The lady time. Not Wausau.)

My nephew will already be two this June, and my brother is married as of May 19th. So that means that I officially have a sister. Well, two new sisters and one new brother. It’s pretty awesome.

And Carter the cat still eats my phone charger. And the cord of the blinds. And my headphones.

So maybe shit is not really all that different after all.


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  1. Dino Says:

    We’ve missed you. glad things are well.

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