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An Insider’s Guide (Guest Blog) January 17, 2011

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I had the opportunity this last week to prepare a guest blog for Allison, creator of Crafted Love. Allison and her boyfriend are in the market for a new city to move to, and they have narrowed the search to Saint Paul or Portland.

I was asked to write a guide from the perspective of a Saint Paul insider, to which I quickly agreed to do. The criteria that they were curious about:

-What is the nightlife like for a 20 something year old?

-Where are the good slopes for snowboarding?

-Are there any cool craft fairs that you know of?

-What’s the music scene like, local and major?

-Is biking a plausible means of transportation?

-Are there any fun restaurants that aren’t necessarily mainstream/chain?

-Are there any places to take your dog?

Check out my response here, and take the time to browse around her site even longer for some of her inspirational love for all things handmade. And if you are a local reader that has missed any of the events I mention in the post, get your ass in gear. We live in a fabulous city.


One Response to “An Insider’s Guide (Guest Blog)”

  1. thebigshowatud Says:

    really? no question about how crazy the THE WEATHER gets in the winter? 😉

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