Bluebird Rising

"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better." -Anne Lamott

Things You Should Know October 20, 2010

Bluebird Rising is celebrating two things today.

First off, this blog had reached 1,000 followers. In 2 1/2 months. Holy FUCK. I don’t know what other people’s blog numbers are, and I don’t really care.  (When have I ever?) I nearly shit my pants. For the following reasons:

#1) I know for a fact that there are not 1,000 people who I am familiar with on a first name basis……

#2) Much less, I can’t think of 1,000 people who I even like.

So, to the point, we have some new followers. (And, like an AA meeting….all in unison now…..Hi….New Followers….) Welcome!  I would like to tell you that you have found the truth. Answers to your questions. But, in reality, you only have found a single perspective from a random point of view. But, I guess, judging from your response, you like itSuch pressure from you, little Bluebirds.

But seriously, thank you for your readership. And in agreement with the previous statement, I AGAIN cannot believe that 1,000 people care about what I may write about in a random day. However, this has led to me receiving many, many, MANY questions regarding what I think regarding certain things. Huh?!?! Yup. Ways of life. Perspectives. Thoughts. Opinions. Apparently, people like my random and blunt point of view. People are curious about my thoughts on many various topics. And readers are asking me questions. AWKWARD TIMES TEN….

Just kidding. Nothing is off-limits. Ask away, Bluebirds. I have added a new page that allows you to submit your questions, concerns and general ramblings titled “Ask Amy.”

FYI—Questions that are asked may be featured (without identifying information or details) in a future blog, concerns will be addressed immediately, and general ramblings are healthy and encouraged, no matter if anyone tells you otherwise. Fuck convention.

Party on, Bluebirds.

Party on Garth.


4 Responses to “Things You Should Know”

  1. Ohhh… the second thing is my parents anniversary. That blog will follow!!!! Thanks to the people that addressed this!

  2. Sean Says:

    yes! Congrats Amy! this is very exciting! (you want to drink this weekend, its my last in town, and I feel like we might get up to something)

  3. Doniree Says:

    WOO HOO! Congrats, girlfriend! Well-deserved.

  4. Thanks guys. I started blogging simply because my job bores me to tears. It never crossed my mind that it would become such a monster!

    Sean-last weekend?!?! Then we better do it up right! I’m sorry that I missed the Zombie Santa outfit.

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